B R S I ( Biotech Research Society of India )

BRSI (Biotech Research Society of India) is a scientific professional society established in 2003. It is a nonprofit organization registered under the societies act of the government of India as the charitable society and bears the registration number T-5100. The Biotech Research Society is affiliated to the ICBF forum, France; The International Organization for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (IOBB); Scientist Solutions; the Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering. ANITS has been an institutional member of BRSI with effect from 10.12.2010

BRSI Activities 2013 - 2014
S.No Date Type of Activity
1 29-1-2014 BRSI Reinitiation
2 February II week Guest Lecture-I
3 March II week National Seminar on Innovative Technologies to protect Environment.
4 March IV week Guest Lecture-II
BRSI Activities 2012 - 2013
S.No. Date Type of Activity
111-10-2012 BRSI Reinitiation, Guest Lecture-I
2 10-12-2012 Guest Lecture- II
3 02-02-2013 Workshop
4 23-02-2013 Guest Lecture-III


BLAZE (Biotech League of ANITS Zealous Engineers) and BRSI (The Biotech Research Society, India) were reinitiated in the Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, ANITS.

Dr. S. V. Ramkrishna, Eminent Professor, and former Deputy Director and Head, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering Division, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad and presently the DBT-Expert Task force member, Government of India was the Chief Guest of the occasion. He motivated the students by discussing the research opportunities in the field of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering. He commended ANITS on having Department with Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering together comparing it with MIT, USA.

Prof. V. S. R. K. Prasad, Principal, ANITS graced the occasion and laid emphasis on the significance and applications of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering. He also motivated the students to improve their skills and knowledge in the respective fields to meet the industrial needs. Prof. G. H. Rao, Co-Chair advised students to learn the basic concepts of Bio-reactors and Reactor Design and implement them in the fields of Fermentation Technology and Modeling.

Dr.V.Sridevi, Coordinator, BLAZE and Head of the Department, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, welcomed and introduced office bearers of BLAZE and BRSI. She has made a note on the activities to be organized under BLAZE and BRSI banners and suggested students to actively participate in such activities to hone their skills and knowledge.

The function was followed by the guest lecture by Dr. S. V. Ramkrishna on “Next generation of Bio-fuels: Challenges & Potential”, where he explained the Significance of Biofuels and its various sources. He further discussed research opportunities in the field of Biofuels and various areas in which novel and efficient technologies have to be developed. He also emphasized on the role of unit operations, reactor design and downstream aspects that play key role in Biofuels production.

All the Faculty and Students of the Department of Biotechnology graced the function.